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06 Nov, 2015

Zoom INC


ZOOM INC. is the investment arm formed by Zoom Enterprises in 2014 to streamline the investments in the various growing sectors around the globe under one umbrella. Today it manages a portfolio of investments in the areas of real estate, sports, agriculture, IT and more.

The division was created by James Norris, founder of Zoom Enterprises to advance the company’s vision of using Zoom Enterprises’ resources to build a more diversified business portfolio. This has helped to create a more stable business environment.

Zoom Inc. operates with the objective of maximising long-term shareholder value through active participation and other strategy-creating bodies for every company that is in its investment portfolio. The synergy within the portfolio and the mutually beneficial relationships with business partners around the world are essential to the success of Zoom Inc. and as a result, Zoom Enterprises.

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